dealBoard 3.0

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dealBoard is a mobile shopping app that gives you deals that you want. View full description


  • Anonymous profiles
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive


  • Slightly long loading times

Very good

dealBoard is a mobile shopping app that gives you deals that you want.

The core of dealBoard is that it learns your preferences through the choices of brands. When you start using the app, you choose through the first set of brands. Swipe up to like and swipe down to remove the brands you do not like. Based off your choices, dealBoard will send you deals of products you like.

dealBoard calculates deals from top daily deal sites. You can also swipe deals to like and dislike so dealBoard stops displaying them. It is an easy and intuitive system.

The initial setup of dealBoard includes a lot of brands, and with version 2.0 it looks like bigger name brands are making their appearance. It is easier to find common brands when setting up and deals look more tailored to your interests.

The update also includes a word cloud that shows an aggregation of your choices so you can see how close the app is to your personal interests.

dealBoard is anonymous and retrieves no personal data other than the preferred brands that were chosen. The app is a great tool for seekers of a wide variety of deals. The aggregation of the top deal sites into dealBoard make it a one-stop app once it has a firm understanding of what you are looking for.

dealBoard is a great deal shopping app that will improve with more brands.


  • dealBoard now lets you see what your choices say about you in the form of a Word Cloud. The more you use it, the more accurate your Word Cloud will become!
  • edit your interests and demographics to make the deals you receive even MORE relevant to you!
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dealBoard 3.0